Autonomous Street Sweeping

benefits to our customers

We supply municipalities with a turnkey service that delivers a trifecta of benefits


Per curb mile cost of street sweeping reduced by up to 50% by drastically reducing operating cost and improving vehicle utilization


Superior cleanliness standards thanks to optimal fleet management, more accurate curb tracking and feedback on the results


Zero emission / carbon-neutral technology, achieving the highest levels of air particulate reduction and vehicle safety

Mission and Vision

Creating autonomous cities

We see a future in which municipalities will be able to deliver better quality, around the clock services, at a fraction of the current cost through automation and process optimization. Our mission is to combine cutting edge robotics, operations management, project development and financial innovation to provide municipalities with a new generation of public infrastructure assets which will make that future a reality.

  • Expected reduction in (per curb mile) cost of street sweeping

  • Anticipated increase in swept miles per vehicle

  • Expected reduction in street sweeping vehicle emissions

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